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For All Systems

Accessories "For All Systems" can be used with any misting fan systems that come from HydroMist.

  • pump oil, 21oz. bottle (ISO 68)

    Pump Oil, 21oz. Bottle (ISO 68)

    This is compatible with CoolZoneUSA industrial-strength portable systems (e.g.: WorkZone, ComercialZone, SportsZone). Pump oil is required for regular maintenance of all pumps, all portable pump units, and the Cool Caddie™. To maintian...

    MSRP: $19.99
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  • Inline Carbon Filter

    Inline Carbon Filter

    Seasonal Carbon Filter keeps nozzles from prematurely clogging in hard water conditions Simply attach directly to water spigot and hose connection before water flows to the  mounted or portable misting pumps.  Ideal for all systems where...

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  • Heavy Duty Garden Hose (125 PSI)

    Heavy Duty Garden Hose (125 PSI)

    Leaving a standard garden hose attached to a misting pump and under pressure for an extended period of time can cause the hose to weaken and burst, especially while the misting system is not in use. This heavy duty hose handles up to 125 PSI...

    MSRP: $30.65
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