Bromic Tungsten 500 Smart Series Patio Heater


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High-Performance Mesh Screen

The Tungsten’s unique screen

scientifically manipulates infrared

energy to maximize performance while

achieving a superior spread of heat


Ceramic Efficiency

Slow-release ceramic burners

efficiently combust gas to fuel the

most environmentally friendly gas-fired

heating method available


Strong, Directional Heat

Robust radiant heat output with an

easy pivot arm bracket for greater

positioning versatility


Patented Direct Ignition

Automated direct ignition eliminates

the need for a pilot, resulting in

instantaneous ignition


Ultra-Durable Design

Stainless steel construction ensures

reliable heating for years to come


Ease Of Use

Smart system compatibility and

automated re-ignition allows users to

simply set and forget


Exceptional Wind Resistance

Patented screen and ionization probe

technology enables remarkable wind

resistance, functioning reliably in winds

of up to 12km/h or 8mph


Versatile Mounting

Reclaim valuable floor space through

fixed heating with a range of ceiling and

wall mounting options


Wireless Control Capabilities

Genuine wireless control accessories

allow seamless integration of remote

heater control



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