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About patioSchwank

patioSchwank is a sub brand of the Schwank brand known for being the inventor of infrared radiant heaters and global market leader in infrared heating solutions. The world’s first gas infrared burner with a ceramic tile was invented by Günther Schwank, the founder of the Schwank Group, in 1936.

For more than 75 years, Schwank has developed and improved their products to fit various applications such as industrial and commercial buildings, stadiums, air craft hangars, restaurants, and more. Schwank operates in over 40 countries and has installed millions of units with hundreds of thousands satisfied customers


Proven Technology

patioSchwank was built off the same technologies that Schwank has utilized for years. The patented Schwank ceramic tile allows the heater to generate the maximum performance and efficiency. These tiles are found in Schwank products all over the world in addition to other applications such as high performance commercial restaurant grills.


Heat like the Sun!

patioSchwank heaters utilize high intensity infrared technology to heat like the sun. Unlike forced air systems, our heaters heat objects instead of the surrounding air to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. By heating objects, patioSchwank is able to save more energy and decrease heat losses.


The patioSchwank Philosophy

When we decided to engineer patio heaters we knew they would have to not only provide the most comfort but would also have last long and blend well into the locations it was installed in. After all, customers want the best dining experience possible. That is why our bistroSchwank and supremeSchwank models are all made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel material to prevent the heater from rusting or peeling. patioSchwank is able to provide a sleek look for any patio without sacrificing quality or performance.

HydroMist is an official US Distributor for all Schwank Products.  For a competitive quote in Central Texas Please call our Customer Service agent at 512 219-8481.



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