What do I need for a home installation?

This is a basic idea on how to create a system. Please discuss planning with your local dealer to determine the optimal system for your environment.

1) Plan Your Area

Determine the cubic feet of the area to be cooled, where to place the pump and where to mount the fans.

  • The pump needs power, water source and drainage.
  • Fans need power connections.

2) Choose Your Fans

Determine the size and quantity of fans you wish to install, based on the cubic footage you wish to cool.

  • Do you want the fans to oscillate?
  • Will you need strong fans to overcome much wind?


3) Select Your Pump

The more nozzles your system has, the larger the pump will need to be.

  • A standard duty pump can easily handle 2 or 3 small fans.
  • Consider a larger pump for future expansions.

4) Get Mounts, Hose & Accessories

Select fan mounting brackets appropriate for placement. Get enough hose and fittings to daisy-chain the pump and the fans to each other.

  • Have a bottle of oil ready (first 50 hours!) as well as spare filters and misting nozzles.
  • Don't forget the hose mounting clamps!