HydroMist Misting Now Offers Direct Buy for Restaurants

HydroMist Misting Now Offers Direct Buy for Restaurants

Oct 6th 2017

Austin, TX – HydroMist USA, a prominent designer and leading manufacturer of high pressure misting systems will now be offering its customers the ability to buy direct without having to go through a retail dealer or distributor. This will save business owners 30% off typical retail pricing. Outdoor patios are a key business generator for most restaurants and bars; however some independent owners still have a tough time paying for a quality misting system. By buying direct from the manufacturer, the expense becomes affordable.

HydroMist also makes it simple for anyone to self install a system to save even more money. “Putting in a three-fan system with a 1,000 PSI pump is actually very easy…” says Kert Kveton, National Sales Manager for HydroMist USA. “You don’t need any plumbing or electrical skills at all. Every component for the fans are included and made to be easily mounted to any surface. The hose and pump use compression fittings which require no adhesives, clamps, or tools.” HydroMist’s most popular mounted systems for restaurants are the Professional Series. This consists of 18” or 24” oscillating, shrouded fans in black or white, and a 1,000 PSI programmable pump.

Also very popular is the portable Cool Caddie which requires no installation. The Cool Caddie is the only 1,000 PSI self contained portable misting fan on the market that will not get the environment damp, yet keeps your patrons cool by dropping the ambient air temperature by 25 to 30 Degrees. Please visit for more information.