HydroMist NEW CentraMist 360 Misting Fans Offers a Great Solution for Cooling Large Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The CentraMist centrifugal broadcast misting fan from HydroMist, Cedar Park, Texas, features 360-degree misting that cools 500 sq. ft. with an air flow of 9,100 CFM. The unit’s 12-in. shrouded centrifugal fan head with rotating aluminum impeller air blades can operate with or without misting. It is available in a ceiling mount or free standing tower option that can be inserted through an umbrella hole in outdoor tables.

“High pressure is key to produce mist that ‘flash evaporates’ into air reducing temps up to 30 degrees and not getting the surroundings damp,” says Kert Kveton, National Sales Manager, HydroMist. “The mist is generated by a high pressure pump (1000 PSI), which will be sold separately, but can run three fans off single pump. The pump allows you to run the mist all the time or do timed cycles of mists in more humid environments. The mist will broadcast out 360 degrees with 6 drip-free high-pressure nozzles without getting the environment wet. The centrifugal fan blows out the mist with more speed and volume because it has rotating impellers. It will be ideal as a cooling station area for small groups of people at events, greenhouses, patios, warehouses and restaurants.