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NFL Sideline Misting Fans Now Affordable for High School Football Budgets

NFL Sideline Misting Fans Now Affordable for High School Football Budgets

Posted by K. Kveton on Apr 20th 2017

Ever notice those big fancy oscillating fans on the sidelines of the NFL games blowing cool mist down on the players?

You ever been to a Texas High School practice field August through September?It’s blistering hot, dusty and literally shows mirages like a west Texas Freeway, while teams of coaches aggressively try to combat the heat with coolers of iced chilled chamois, wagons of water jugs and EZ Ups galore. But no fancy NFL Misting Fans.

Heat stress and other heat related illnesses continue to be a very important concern in student athletics.Coaches, equipment managers, administrators and parents are recognizing the need to find verifiable solutions to protecting young athletes from heat related risk. Having players drink fluids to hydrate only is not effective enough during the sweltering months of practice and game play and shade is typically not easily found on a practice field. A responsible approach is to lower the core body temperature during the physical exertion of athletes.Athletes can endure sports when they have a lower risk of heat exhaustion and its negative effects on the body and brain. High pressure misting fans are an effective key component to fight heat illnesses.Knowing their players are safer from the heat will gives the coaches more peace of mind and the ability to focus on the other challenges of winning a game.

So unlike the Pros, why do High Schools continue to risk our player’s health in the extreme temperatures when it comes to heat illnesses?

The true reason is cost.Misting fans are not cheap, especially the good ones. Even in the NFL the teams often rent these systems at the cost of thousands of dollars per game. The good news is HydroMistUSA, a Texas based manufacturer is proudly offering a solution to make it more affordable and easier for athletic departments and booster clubs to purchase this equipment.

The reality is most heat illnesses occur during the first few weeks of practice.It is important to understand that Coaches take every precaution to protect their players. This does not come without its challenges. As with any sport, player safety is always the #1 priority. However, without NFL Budgets, resources provided by the schools and communities are mostly limited to donations and fundraisers.

Social media gives HydroMistUSA a communication vehicle to properly inform players, coaches, staff and parents about the dangers of heat illnesses. It also gives schools the ability to purchase the same equipment the Pros use at a much more affordable price by purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Hydromist is offering a two fan high pressure misting sports package that will easily keep teams of players cooler and safer for just under $3000.

Please visit www.hydromistusa.comfor further details or to order direct