The “Coolest” way to have a “Tailgate” Party

Every sports venue now has a new item that should be added to every “Tailgaters” shopping List.Outside of good grub, ice cold beer and more ice cold beer the new way to truly keep cool at a tailgate is with the New “Self-Contained” Portable Misting Fan from Fan Technologies, Inc.

At 1000 PSI this thing is no toy.It will quickly chill the air (25 Degrees or more) on even the hottest days of the seasons.Besides “cooling” the mist also will greatly reduce smoke from a BBQ and the dust of a parking lot or a dry open field. The best feature is its “portability.”No longer do you need to search out a water spigot or worry about someone tripping over the connected hose.This unit can be pre-filled with a bucket or standard garden hose and will run about 4 hours on its 16 gallon tank. The commercial grade wheels, locking casters, adjustable neck height and heavy duty handle make it very easy to move and transport empty or full.It is also equipped with an 18” Shrouded Oscillating fan head with a variable-control speed dial.It’s amazing the amount of air it circulates without the loud white noise of even your typical house box fan.You can easily stand next to it and have a normal conversation.Currently offered in white and soon black this item is not only great for Tailgates but can be used for weddings, restaurants, hotels, patio kitchens, RVs, boat docks, etc.To receive more information on where to buy or rent this item please call Hydromist Customer Service (512)225-0923