Winterizing your Mist System

Winterizing your Mist System

Posted by Kert Kveton on Mar 11th 2022

Annual Winterization Instructions

Pump Shutdown

  • 1)Disconnect pump from water supply at the furthest location and disconnect hoses if possible.
  • 2)Disconnect electrical supply.
  • 3)Disconnect output hose from pump, and purge both the water lines and misting rings with pressurized air.
  • 4)Remove water filters and drain filter housings.
  • 5)Tilt pumps to drain all water from pump.
  • 6)Cover all open inlet/outlets to keep debris out of pumps. Relocate pump to an area that offers protection from freezing temperatures / harsh weather.

Fan Shutdown

  • 1)Disconnect electrical supply if possible or desired (operation of the fans may be desires even during winter months)
  • 2)Remove all misting nozzles from fans, and secure them in a clean, dry environment. Wrap rings in shrink wrap to keep debris out of rings.
  • 3)Cover fans when not in use.

Water Tanks

Unscrew drain plug and completely empty tank of water, replace plugs