Heavy Duty Garden Hose (125 PSI)

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Leaving a standard garden hose attached to a misting pump and under pressure for an extended period of time can cause the hose to weaken and burst, especially while the misting system is not in use. This heavy duty hose handles up to 125 PSI static pressure, so that it's much more resilient.

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Most residential and commercial sites have a maximum of 80 PSI static water pressure on standard service taps. Consumer hoses are rated to handle that pressure while under normal use, which assumes that pressure is relieved by letting fair amounts of water out regularly. Standard hose construction also assumes that the water tap is turned off while not in use for extended periods of time. Misting systems don't necessarily relieve water and pressure, from a tap, as quickly as is normally expected, especially smaller systems that are very economical on water use. This makes it often necessary to have a stronger hose between the water tap and the misting system pump.

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